With around 40% of the World Wide Web being powered by WordPress in the form of a CMS, online blog, business website or online store, it is plain to see that it is the people’s choice for getting online.  Even top brands like Sony Music use WordPress, but why is it such a popular choice?

Here are our top eight reasons why we at Bluefrog Digital think you should consider the WordPress platform for your next website:

  1. Anyone can use WordPress!

First and foremost, the beauty of WordPress is that you do not need to be an expert to manage a simple website or use it for content management. All you need is an idea, a web browser and an internet connection and you will be able to create, update and share your thoughts in the form of an online blog, small business site or e-commerce store.

Furthermore, with the introduction of funky themes and plugins, WordPress is now even better at turning your web dreams into a reality.

However, if you are looking for something a bit more bespoke, then as WordPress developers we can help you integrate your site deep into your business. At Bluefrog Digital we can help you add elements such as booking forms, social media feeds and even custom coding for your ideas. We’re also experienced at online advertising as well as performing technical and off page SEO to help you gain a higher search engine ranking.

2. You’re in control 🙂

Due to its user-friendly nature, WordPress makes it so you do not have to contact a specialist web designer or developer if you would like to make small changes and updates to your site or store.

At Bluefrog Digital we give all our customers training on how to use their site, make small changes and add content such as blog posts, news and articles, meaning that you are in total control of your website. And our role as your local agency is to support you when you need us, such as adding new functionality or new ideas to your site.

3. WordPress is responsive and mobile friendly

As mobile and tablet devices are the preferred way for users to browse the Internet, having a website that performs well on desktop, tablet and mobile is essential for potential clients to view your site.

WordPress sites are responsive out of the box, meaning that they resize and reflow to suit any device they are shown on, ideal for people using their mobiles. It is always worth considering checking how your site looks on different devices when building your site, and should be high up on your testing hit-list.

Although WordPress may be responsive, some elements or plugins may not be. A great example of this is using a plugin to give large font size for your page titles, which could then cause text to run off the screen on smaller devices. At Bluefrog we’re dab hands at knowing the pitfalls of plugins and elements, so with us by your side your mobile presence will be snazzy, smooth and snappy!

4. WordPress can be used for blogs, business websites and e-commerce

On 27th May 2003 WordPress started as everyone’s favourite blogging platform and homage to pet cats. Through the years and as the tool has progressed, mostly thanks to its open source nature and ease of use, it has changed and developed into a very powerful tool for both content management and building websites. Of course you can still use WordPress for your cat blog if that’s what you want, however, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what WordPress can really do.

Why not build a blog about your favourite city, Norwich? And then integrate your blog with a business website and online store selling homemade models of local landmarks. Whatever your idea, big or small, WordPress can get you online, and it offers a great way to keep adding content to your site and to stay relevant in search engines.

5. Integration with your business software

Because WordPress is so popular, and used by many business websites both large and small, you will find that a lot of your business software and tools can be integrated with your website.

A good example of this is email software such as Mailchimp, which can be integrated into your site, meaning that users can sign up to your mailing lists. You will also find that most CRM platforms have plugins available to be added to your site so you do not have to copy contact form information or leads from your site, saving you time and money.

At Bluefrog we’ve run email many campaigns in our time, from mailshots for major high street chains to small sends for artisan chocolate companies.  We have expertise in not only getting in the inbox, but also getting those customers to click and convert. If you’re at the outset of your email marketing journey, we can help come up with ideas to grow your subscriber list and get you talking to your followers.

6. WordPress is SEO friendly

As well as being mobile friendly, WordPress is also SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly from the outset. However, if you would like to get higher in search rankings, you can install powerful SEO tools such as RankMath, Yoast or certain themes to climb the rankings. Chances are though you may need a bit of support to find the most competitive keywords and search terms if you would like to be found.

7. Evolve your WordPress website using plugins

You can create a functioning website using just a clean install of WordPress, but did you know that your site can do so much more for you and your business? Plugins are essentially addons for your site. You can use them to add functionality and tools without the need for custom coding.

You can use plugins to turn your site into an online store, add contact forms, booking systems, increase your SEO, help secure your site and even turn your site into a forum or business directory. However, do be aware that not all plugins are born equal, with quality widely differing across add-ons. If you need any help on choosing the best or most useful plugins we’d be happy to help you avoid the pitfalls.

8. It’s easy to find help and support

Well you’re here now… so why not send us a message at hello@bluefrogdigital.co.uk and see how the team at Bluefrog can help bring your ideas to life online? Similar to you, we’re working our hardest to grow online! And we take on each new client with the same enthusiasm, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities each project brings. We’re a couple of guys based in Lowestoft and Norwich who have more than 20 years of website and ecommerce experience between them. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or cannot do. From online sweet shops to skydiving schools, we’ve built an interesting mix of websites. Get in touch to start your online journey today>

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