Norwich based website design agency

If you’re a Norwich based business looking for a local professional web design agency, then Bluefrog Digital is here to help! We’ve worked in and around the surrounding areas for years, and one of our founders even lives down the road, in a village just off the A140. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside other local businesses in this great city. If you’re looking for a new website to support your business, or want improvements made to an exiting site, we’d love to hear from you.

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What can Bluefrog Digital do for me?

Aside from our experience of the Norwich area, we have a lot of years under our belt in the field of building and maintaining websites. We know just what it takes for a business to establish a presence online, and then thrive with its newfound, and much larger, audience. Whether you just want to promote your business to find new customers, or move your shop to an online selling space, we can help to achieve your short and long term goals.

So how much is a new website?

How long is a stroll down Riverside Walk? There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to determining the price of your website. It all depends on how many pages you want, the sort of advanced features you might want to make use of, and whether or not you need products set up to sell online. However, we’re always happy to help customers find what will work best for them, and so have a few examples of what to expect in the tables below. We’re pretty flexible when it comes to payment plans, and are always here to have a chat and listen to what works for you.

A simple website with 1 to 3 pages (just like this one, actually!) Ideal for businesses who just want a place to advertise, or have a single product line to sell.
Professionally designed website
Enhanced branding and identity
Built for mobile and desktop
Optimised to rank in Google
Your choice of available domain
An ecommerce website with up to 10 pages and 50 products. This is how you grow your business and move your sales to an online platform.
All Core items as well as:
Full payment integration
List up to 50 products online
Email marketing setup and sends
Web shop management training
Starting from £799, this option is more bespoke in nature, for larger businesses that want over 15 web pages and list more than 50 products.
All Growth items as well as:
Support for additional products
Custom module support
Full managed service plans
Flexible expansion packages

Fancy a chat?

So, are you ready to talk? We’d love to have a chat about what kind of website we can build to help support your business in Norwich and beyond. Just fill in the details on the form below, and one of the team will get back to you.